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Our team of highly skilled and well-trained technical builders and technicians adhere to the highest standards of quality.

From conception through implementation and post-installation support, we work with you to ensure your design goals and expectations are met and exceeded.

Why Pre-Fab?

Increase your project control, quality and safety with standard assemblies created in a controlled environment. Speed to market with efficiency, schedule control and flexibility.

Decreases the jobsite congestion by moving parts of the work away so fewer workers are necessary

Less storage space is needed and prefabricated work is delivered to the jobsite just-in-time

Prefabrication makes it easy to recycle waste with a controlled environment to collect the waste

pre-fab conduit
cutting emt

Just In Time fabrication and assembly

The prefabrication of products and processes has proven to be a popular way for electrical contractors to reduce labor costs, optimize their workforce during a time of skilled labor shortages, and help ensure that projects get completed on time.

Our Process

RMC will collaboratively create a plan to design, build and implement fabrication to your specific needs.

Prefabricated parts makes labor more productive and efficient which increases the value of skilled workers.

Accurate Fab tracking matching project schedules.

Product deliveries using Our Trucks meeting your delivery schedules.

pre fabricated conduit

Custom Bending and Threading

We can cut, thread & bend Rigid & EMT conduit to your requirements and specifications.


Quick turn-around on Elbows, Nipples, Special Radius Elbows, Offsets, Saddles & Kicks.

Standard & Special Radius Elbows  1/2” - 6” diameter x any radius



off set conduit

Parallel Offset

parallel offset conduit

Three Point Saddle

three point saddle conduit

Four Point Saddle

four point saddle conduit
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