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Electrical Metallic Tubing
(EMT) UL797 Listed

RMC’s Electrical Metallic Conduit has excellent protection, strength, and ductility for raceway systems.

Electrical Metallic Tubing

EMT Specifications

Our EMT is manufactured with high strength steel, and produced by the electrical resistance welding process.

This Process ensures continuous weld seams that are free from interior defects. We rigorously test our EMT to provide field bending without flaking, kinking or cracking.

High Grade Mild Strip Steel

Uniform galvanized Protection. No Flaking or chipping when subjected to extreme stress.

Sustainable and Bendable

Easy to produce wrinkle-free bends, reduced kinking, and minimized splitting from multiple bends. 100% recyclable.

Interior Zinc Coating

Provides a smooth surface for faster wire pulling. A protective coating is placed over galvanizing to provide longer life cycle.

Electrical Metallic Tubing

Corrosion Resistant Galvanized Coating

The galvanization process results in a smooth and uniform surface finish. Corrosive agents like moisture, chemicals, or salt will have more difficulty adhering to the conduit, further enhancing its corrosion resistance. 


EMT Dimension and Weight Chart 


EMT is recognized in the NEC Section 358.60 as an acceptable equipment grounding conductor and offers shielding against electromagnetic fields generated during normal operation of electrical installations.

EMT may also be used in hazardous locations in accordance with NEC Article 502, 503, and 504 provided it will not be subject to severe physical damage during and after installation.


Underwriters Laboratories Standard for EMT-Steel (UL797) file # E531582

American National Standards Institute
(ANSI® C80.3)

National Electric Code® Article 358 

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