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Quality Control

Our vertically integrated manufacturing system gives us complete quality control over every step of the conduit production process.

Our Testing Process

Testing procedures are in place from the time raw materials are received at the facility to when the finished conduit is packaged and readied for shipping.

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Every stage from procurement of raw material to final product delivery is examined thoroughly thanks to our team of experts.


Intensive Research and Development

Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our products and innovate with new materials.

We conduct official inspections to improve our quality control systems and best practices in order to deliver the latest in conduit technology.



Our Testing Includes:

Visual Test

Dimension Test

Zinc Thickness Test

Bend Test

Salt Spray Test

Determines the absence or presence of poor coatings, hard scale, burrs or fins, or other defects.

Measures outside diameter, inside diameter, and length.

Determines the quality of the zinc, thickness, and uniformity.

We use a combination of standard manual benders and hydraulic benders based on the conduit diameter, ensuring the surface of the curved portion is smooth and without flaking or damage.

Our conduit is rigorously tested in a salt spray chamber to ensure the highest performance against corrosion.

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