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U.S. Manufacturing

We are committed to producing high-quality conduit products that meet or exceed the rigorous standards and regulations set forth by UL Standards.


By manufacturing ECN along with warehousing our globally sourced conduit & fittings, we can meet required fill rates and produce custom threading and bending standard and special radius elbows & nipples.

Custom Bending and Threading

We can cut, thread & bend Rigid & EMT conduit to your requirements and specifications.


Quick turn-around on Elbows, Nipples, Special Radius Elbows, Offsets, Saddles & Kicks.

Standard & Special Radius Elbows  1/2” - 6” diameter x any radius



off set conduit

Parallel Offset

parallel offset conduit

Three Point Saddle

three point saddle conduit

Four Point Saddle

four point saddle conduit

Custom Standard & Special Radius Segments and Elbows

Our Special Radius Elbows and Segments provide customized and precise bending solutions for conduit systems that require non-standard angles or radii.

Special-length tangents and thread length are available upon request. 

Contact Our Conduit Experts To Discuss Your Project 

RMC's in-house engineering and production team can help you find a solution to your electrical raceway challenges. 


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